Sunday, December 10, 2017

Rain - Condensate - follow up opinion

Hi all,
I have been researching various ways to diversify since discovering Steem back in October. Yes, quite late to the party.
I looked into three other crypto's.
The first was Embercoin. I joined that party just as the coin tipped over. Thankfully I only lost $20.
So with that said, obviously this isn't investment advice!
The second was ARK. I will make a post about that this week sometime.
The third is Rain, or Condensate.
As of going to press, coin market cap has it ranked at 509.
It's market cap is around $1,000,000 and is a fairly new coin.
It's also quite cheap as you can imagine at $0.015637 USD
This is a POS coin so you will need to download a wallet.
Currently supported at Window, Linux, Mac, and Bootstrap
I currently have around 6,500 coins staking and it is taking around 5 days to stake.
My last reward was 84 coins.
My investment in this coin is around $100. I might go a little deeper but not much.
Some people think it has potential but I just don't know.
This is not investment advice. Only invest what you can afford to lose. In my case, $100 would suck a bit if I lost it but ultimately doesn't change my life if it does burn out.
Thanks. If you liked this, you know what to do.
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I will get some Bitcoin...